Psi-k Workshops 2016

Download the full PDF of the workshop poster here.

Title Date Location
Towards a Common Format for Computational Materials Science Data 25 January – 5 February 2016 Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
EUSpec Winter School 2016 – Fundamentals and applications of ab-initio methods in spectroscopy 1-11 February 2016 University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia Final Report
Probing Potential-Energy Surfaces (PPES 2016) 10-15 April 2016 Zermatt, Switzerland Final Report
Elementary reaction steps in electrocatalysis: Theory meets experiment 1-4 May 2016 Castle Reisensburg near Ulm, Germany Final Report
Hands-On School Density-functional theory and beyond: Basic principles and modern insights 2-13 May 2016 Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran Final Report
13th ETSF Young Researchers’ Meeting: New frontiers in modeling electronic interactions from confined systems to complex aggregates 6-10 June 2016 King’s College London, UK Final Report
Electronic Structure Library coding workshop: solvers 6-17 June 2016 ZCAM, University of Zaragoza, Spain Final Report
Electronic structure calculations with the GPAW code: Users and developers meeting 7-10 June 2016 University of Jyväskylä, Finland Final Report
Path Integral Quantum Mechanics: Theory, Simulation and Application   [POSTER] 13-17 June 2016  CECAM, Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
Tutorial on high-throughput computations: general methods and applications using AiiDA 22-24 June 2016  EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
QuantumESPRESSO School on Ab Initio Thermal Transport 27-30 June 2016 Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris VI, France Final Report
Tailor-made 2D-materials and functional devices 27 June – 1 July 2016 Bremen, Germany Final Report
New Horizons for Memory Storage: Advancing Non-Volatile Memory with Atomistic Simulations 29 June – 1 July Trinity College Dublin, Ireland Final Report
College on multiscale computational modeling of materials for energy applications 4-15 July 2016 ICTP, Trieste. Italy Final Report
Electronic Structure Theory with Numeric Atom-Centered Basis Functions 20-22 July 2016 Munich, Germany Final Report
Hermes Summer School 2016 27-31 July 2016 Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park, UK Final Report
HoW exciting! Hands-on Workshop on Excitations in Solids 2016 3-11 August 2016 Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany Final Report
The CAMD Summer School on Electronic Structure and Materials Design 14-19 August 2016 Technical University of Denmark Final Report
Quantum Plasmonics (QUPLA) workshop 26-28 August 2016 Imperial College London, UK Final Report
Psi-k/CECAM/CCP9 graduate school in electronic-structure methods 5-9 September 2016 STFC Daresbury Laboratory, UK Final Report
7th School & Workshop on Time Dependent Density Functional Theory: Prospects and Applications 11-23 September 2016 Benasque, Spain Final Report
17th Workshop of Dynamical Phenomena at Surfaces (WDPS) 19-21 September 2016 Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy Final Report
21st ETSF Workshop on Electronic Excitation Dynamics and Spectroscopy of Correlated Systems 19-23 September 2016 Lund, Sweden Final Report
Interface processes in photochemical water splitting: Theory meets experiment 27-30 September 2016 CECAM, Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
Ab initio Description of Iron and Steel (ADIS2016): Mechanical properties 2-7 October 2016 Ringberg  Castle, Tegernsee, Germany Final Report
Computational insight into photo-induced processes for energy conversion at interfaces: photo-catalysis and photovoltaics 10-14 October 2016 Bremen, Germany Final Report
What about U? – Effects of Hubbard Interactions and Hund’s Coupling in Solids 17-21 October 2016 ICTP, Trieste, Italy Final Report
Computational methods towards engineering novel correlated materials 24-26 October 2016 CECAM, Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
Shaping nanocatalysts: a joint 4th TYC Energy Materials Workshop and TOUCAN International Conference 14-16 December 2016 Kings College London, UK Final Report
International Workshop on Computational Physics and Materials Science: Total Energy and Force Methods 12-14 January 2017 ICTP, Trieste, Italy Final Report
Advanced Workshop on High-Performance & High-Throughput Materials Simulations using Quantum ESPRESSO 16-27 January 2017 ICTP, Trieste, Italy Final Report


Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials