In light of the Russian military offensive in Ukraine, we request that announcements relating to events, jobs and other activities associated with institutions supported by the Russian and Belarusian states are not posted to the Psi-k forum.

The Psi-k forum mailing lists are the primary means through which members of the community can make announcements to each other regarding job openings and events such as conferences, workshops, and summer schools, as well as general announcements regarding new versions of software, updates to websites/databases, and whatever else might be of interest to this audience.

There is also a discussion forum. This is intended for people to ask questions of experts in the community, to promote debate about computational electronic structure theory and related topics, and for suggestions and complaints regarding this website.

There are four main forums to which any registered user can post: Events, Jobs, General Announcements, plus the Discussion Forum. A fifth Newsletter forum exists purely for the dissemination of the Psi-k monthly highlights and similar material; only site Administrators and Editors may post to this, but any user may subscribe. Users can elect to receive email notifications of posts either in all forums or in just some of them (given, for example, that they may already have a job).  New users are automatically subscribed to all five forums.

To get started, register as a user. Then hover your mouse pointer over ‘FORUM MAILING LISTS’ in the left-hand sidebar and click one of the buttons that appears. The ‘RECENT POSTS: ALL FORUMS’ link will shows a summary list of the five latest posts in each forum. The buttons below that access the individual forum pages, from where you may post announcements, start or contribute to a discussion, subscribe/unsubscribe, or just read other people’s posts.

To add a post of your own, first make sure you choose the appropriate forum, then press the obvious button labelled e.g. ‘ADD EVENT’, ‘ADD JOB ADVERT’ etc. A simple word processing box will appear in which you may type your announcement. Basic formatting may be done using the various buttons whose function can be discerned by hovering your mouse pointer over them. When finished, press ‘ADD EVENT’ (or whatever) again. Your post will be emailed to all subscribers to that forum, and a permanent copy will be visible on the web site (note this cannot be edited or deleted, except by the administrator).

Posts to the Psi-k forums MUST be made in English. If there is a requirement to post in a different language then this should be included alongside the English version, or via a link to a website with the post in another language.

Email notifications for any forum may be toggled (whilst logged in) by clicking the obvious SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE link in the individual forum pages. Note that in general you will only be informed by email of new announcements/topics and not of any comments or further discussion, unless you were either the originator of that topic or you choose to actively subscribe to it.

NOTE: please remember that every post you make will be emailed to about 6000 people, so it’d better be worth it. Also, for technical reasons the emails are sent out in batches of 100 every 5 minutes so it can take several hours for all these 6000 emails to be sent out (longer, if other people have posted recently). You will therefore not receive a notification of your own post immediately. When you fail to receive such a notification immediately, please do not repeatedly resend the post because you believe that it hasn’t worked, or all the 6000 people will receive multiple notifications of your post.



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