Psi-k workshops 2014

  1. 6th school and workshop on time-dependent density functional theory: prospects and applications, 5-17 January, Benasque, Spain (Final report).
  2. International workshop on computational physics and materials science: total energy and force methods, 15-17 January, Trieste, Italy (Final report).
  3. TRNM VII – Towards reality in nanoscale materials: energy materials, 10-12 February, Levi, Finland (Final report).
  4. School for the LDA and quasiparticle self-consistent GW approximations based on all-electron methods, 17-19 March, Daresbury, UK
  5. Yambo2014 hands-on tutorial on excited state spectroscopy: GW and BSE using the Yambo code, 7-9 May, Rome, Italy (Final report).
  6. ETSF young researchers’ meeting 2014: evolution of ab initio methods for condensed matter, 13-16 May, Rome, Italy (Final report).
  7. Materials challenges in devices for fuel solar production and employment, 19-23 May, Trieste, Italy (Final report).
  8. Catalysis from first principles (Cat1P): Heterogeneous catalysis meets electrocatalysis, 25-28 May, Castle Reisenburg (Final report).
  9. White nights of materials science: From physics and chemistry to data analysis, and back, 16-20 June, Saint Petersburg, Russia (Final report).
  10. What about U? – Corrective approaches to DFT for strongly-correlated systems, 18-21 June, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  11. Workshop on nanostructured zinc oxide and related materials, 23-27 June, Bremen, Germany
  12. Strong electron-correlation effects in complex d- and f-based magnetic materials for technological application, 30 June – 2 July, Prague, Czech Republic (Final report).
  13. (Towards) room temperature superconductivity, 1-5 July, Leiden, Germany (Final report).
  14. WIEN2k workshop and international conference on advanced materials modelling (ICAMM), 2-9 July, Nantes, France
  15. Magnetism, superconductivity and electron correlations: celebrating the contributions and scientific legacy of Balazs Gyorffy, 19-22 July, Bristol, UK (Final report).
  16. Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps IX / Quantum Monte Carlo and the CASINO program IX, 26 July – 10 August, Apuan Alps Centre for Physics, Italy (Final report).
  17. HoW exciting! Hands-on workshop on excitations in solids 2014, 31 July – 7 August, Berlin, Germany (Final report).
  18. CAMD summer school on electronic structure theory and applications, 16-28 August, Denmark (Final report).
  19. FHI-aims developers’ and users’ meeting, 19-22 August, Berlin, Germany (Final report).
  20. Addressing challenges for first-principles-based modelling of molecular materials, 25-29 August, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  21. 52nd European high-pressure research group international meeting, 7-12 September, Lyon, France (Final report).
  22. 3rd TYC energy materials workshop: materials for electrochemical energy storage, 10-12 September, London, UK (Final report).
  23. 2014 EMRS fall meeting symposium: “Computer modelling in nanoscience and nanotechnology: an atomic-sc“, 15-19 September, Warsaw, Poland
  24. Ab initio modelling and experimental studies of adaptive d- and f-electron magnetic materials, 15-17 September, Chester OR Warwick, UK
  25. 19th ETSF workshop on electronic excitations: complex systems in biology and nanoscience, 23-26 September, Zaragoza, Spain (Final report).
  26. High performance models for charge transport in large scale materials systems and tutorial hands-on, 5 October – 11 November, Bremen, Germany (Final report).
  27. Psi-k/CECAM research conference “Frontiers of first-principles simulations: materials design and discovery”, 1-5 February 2015, Berlin, Germany

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Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials