Call for Outline Proposals for 2022-23 Psi-k Activities

Psi-k  is a worldwide network of researchers working on the advancement of  first-principles computational materials science. Its mission is to  develop fundamental theory, algorithms, and computer codes in order to  understand, predict, and design materials properties and functions. Key  activities of Psi-k are the organization of conferences, workshops,  tutorials and training schools as well as the dissemination of  scientific thinking in society [Excerpt from the mission statement at ].

Psi-k typically funds schools (1-2 weeks), workshops (2-3  days), international conferences (2-5 days), and codes/methods tutorials  (3 days-1 week), with a focus on electronic-structure methods,  developments, and applications. Funding is of the order of  4,000/8,000/12,000 €, depending on size and duration (as a guideline, 30  €/expected participant/day); Psi-k funds around 25-35 activities for  every call (see here  for the 2021-22 activities).

While we continue to support traditional in-person activities, we also encourage a renewed focus on, attention to and ingenious development of novel models in research sharing, dissemination, teaching, and discussion – the freedom of our Charity allows us to consider less conventional proposals with funding devoted  to digital or remote approaches.

We  have a two-step application process to simplify and streamline  applications, elicit more original proposals, improve planning, and  avoid duplication of efforts. The present call for outline proposals is for events that will take place between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023.

Please note: events scheduled to take place in August and September 2022 will NOT  be considered for funding to avoid a clash with the rescheduled Psi-k  Conference  that will take place in Lausanne, 22-25 August 2022.

Outline proposals should be submitted online  by Monday 19 July 2021 (midnight UK time), describing the planned event (download a draft of the form to see a preview of the questions that you will be asked here). Psi-k Working Groups ( ) and Trustees ( )  will either approve this outline proposal for full submission, reject it,  or suggest a merger between different activities – you are very welcome  to contact the relevant Working Group leaders or members beforehand.

Feedback will be provided the week of Monday 20 September 2021. Outline proposals that have been approved or mergers that have been  successfully negotiated will then be invited to submit a full proposal  by Monday 18 October 2021. These proposals will then be  evaluated and approved – with full or partial funding – or declined at  the meeting of the Trustees, Scientific Advisory Committee ( and Working Group leaders on Friday 26 November 2021.

The evaluation of the outline proposals and full proposals will be based on

  1. the relevance to the Psi-k mission statement;
  2. the scientific quality of the proposal;
  3. the intellectual inclusivity, geographical spread and diversity of the proposed participants, including efforts to widen participation beyond established groups;
  4. the scientific merit, geographical spread and diversity of the organizers; and
  5. the appropriateness of budget


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