Walter Temmerman

Walter Temmerman and Dzidka Szotek
Walter Temmerman and Dzidka Szotek

This new Psi-k web site is dedicated to Walter Temmerman (1950-2014) who, with his wife Zdzislawa Szotek, was one of the key figures involved in the conception, foundation, and success of Psi-k in Europe.

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  1. Dear Walter
    You have left an indellible memory to me when I met you at Daresbury in 1998. Pen you have gifted is still with me which always reminds me of you as a great teacher and human and above all a scientist.

  2. In memory of Walter:

    Your generosity and kindness both as a human-being and as a scientist will remain in my memory forever. I am very grateful for all the support you provided, both to me personally when I became more involved with electronic structure, and to the community at large through your dedication (together with Dzidka) in the Psik organization. We are all very grateful for this: your action made a big difference. Antoine Georges

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