Psi-k workshops 2011

  1. Muffin-tin recipes – hands-on workshop on electronic structure calculations with the FLEUR code, 7-11 February, Juelich, Germany
  2. 2nd CP2K tutorial: Enabling the power of imagination in MD simulations, 9-13 February, Zurich, Switzerland (Final report).
  3. Symposium “Theory and computation of electronic structure: new frontiers” at the 75th annual meeting of the Deutsche Physikalisches Gemeinschaft (spring meeting), 13-18 March, Dresden, Germany
  4. 5th International ABINIT developer workshop, 11-14 April, Han-sur-lesse, Belgium
  5. Psi-k research conference: Cat1P, 22-26 May, Magleas, Denmark (Final report).
  6. Challenges and solutions in GW calculations for complex systems, 7-10 June, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  7. Workshop on KKR and related Greens function methods, 8-10 July, MPI Halle, Germany
  8. X-ray spectroscopy: recent advances in modelling and new challenges, 10-13 July, Zurich, Switzerland (Final report).
  9. Psi-k/CECAM/CCP9 biennial graduate school in electronic-structure methods, 10-15 July, Oxford, UK (Final report).
  10. Hands-on tutorial: density functional theory and beyond, concepts and applications, 12-21 July, Berlin, Germany (Final report).
  11. Charge transfer in biosystems, 17-22 July, Obergurgl, Austria (Final report).
  12. Strong correlation from first principles, 30 August – 2 September, Oberbayen, Germany (Final report).
  13. CPMD2011: Extending the limits of ab initio molecular dynamics simulations for materials science and biophysics, 5-9 September, Barcelona, Spain (Final report).
  14. Superconductivity 100 years later: a computational approach, 15-18 September, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy (Final report).
  15. Self-interaction correction: state of the art and new directions, 19-21 September, Daresbury, UK (Final report).
  16. Perspectives and challenges of many-particle methods: efficient strategies and tools for describing complex systems, 19-23 September, Bremen, Germany (Final report).
  17. 16th ETSF workshop on electronic excitations: bridging theory and experiment, 27-30 September, Autrans, France
  18. Photo meets electrocatalysis: united we split (…water), 4-7 October, Bremen, Germany
  19. Perspectives and challenges of simulations at bio-materials interfaces, 10-14 October, Bremen, Germany (Final report).
  20. Dynamical properties of earth and planetary materials, 10-14 October, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  21. 5th school and workshop on “Time-dependent density functional theory: prospects and applications”, 4-18 January 2012, Benasque, Spain (Final report).
  22. Topological insulators and non-perturbative spin-orbit coupling, 9-11 January 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  23. Computational condensed matter physics and materials science from first principles, 12-14 January 2012, Barcelona, Spain (Final report).
  24. Towards reality in nanoscale materials: interfaces, 20-22 February 2012, Levi, Finland (Final report).

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Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials