Psi-k Workshops 2022

Download a copy of the Psi-k workshops poster here.

List of workshops supported by Psi-k in 2022 and beyond.

5-8 April 2022 Astrochemistry meets Surface Science: Theoretical Frontiers Aarhus, Denmark Final Report
9-13 May 2022 Young Researchers’ Workshop on Machine Learning for Materials Trieste, Italy Final Report
15-19 May 2022 Theory and Computation in Electrochemistry: Seeking Synergies in Methods, Materials, and Systems (ISE Topical Meeting) Aachen, Germany Final Report
16-19 May 2022 10th ABINIT developer workshop (II) Guidel, France Final Report
16-27 May 2022 Wannier 2022… Comprised of:

16-20 May – Wannier 2022 Summer School
23-27 May – Wannier 2022 Developers Meeting

Trieste, Italy Final Report
6-10 June 2022 Daresbury DFTB+ School Daresbury, UK Final Report
13-17 June 2022 Defects in solids for Quantum Technologies Stockholm, Sweden Final Report
13-17 June 2022 25th ETSF Workshop on Electronic Excitations: Fundamental Challenges for Theoretical Spectroscopy from the Frontier of Technology Leuven, Belgium Final Report
20-24 June 2022 Error control in first-principles modelling Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
22-24 June 2022 Local vs Collective Interactions in Polaritonic Chemistry Bordeaux, France Final Report
25-29 June 2022 Molecular Simulation 2022: Past, Present & Future Erice, Italy Final Report
4-6 July 2022 Quantum dissipation by swift nuclei in condensed matter Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
18-22 July 2022 Light-matter interaction and ultrafast nonequilibrium dynamics in plasmonic materials Warwick, UK Final Report
25-29 July 2022 CCT 2022 Sicily, Italy Final Report
26-29 July 2022 Challenges in Designing Room Temperature Superconductors L’Aquila, Italy Final Report
22-25 August 2022 PSI-K CONFERENCE Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
3-7 October 2022 Ab-initio Modeling of Advanced Materials (AMM2022) Ekaterinburg, Russia Postponed – funding withdrawn
17-28 October 2022 9th School and Workshop on Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory: Prospects and Applications Benasque, Spain Final Report
23-26 October 2022 Computational modelling of batteries: First-principles quantum chemistry meets continuum approaches Castle Reisensburg, Germany Final Report

Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials