Psi-k Workshops 2021

Download a PDF of the 2021 workshops poster here.

List of workshops supported by Psi-k in 2021 and beyond.

9-11 February 2021 Correlated synthetic quantum matter: theory meets experiment Online Final Report
23-25 February 2021 International Workshop on Computational Physics and Materials Science: Total Energy and Force Methods Online Final Report
2-5 March 2021 Materials Design for Energy Storage and Conversion: Theory and Experiment Online Final Report
12-16 April 2021 All electron DFT with Fleur – a Hands-on Tutorial Online Final Report
31 May – 4 June 2021 10th ABINIT developer workshop: from developers to users Online Final Report
TBC May / June 2021 Principles of light-induced charge transfer for optogenetics Online Final Report
1-4 June 2021 GPAW2021: Users and Developers Meeting Online Final Report
7-16 June 2021 Bridging first-principles calculations and effective Hamiltonians Online Final Report
9-17 June 2021 9th School and Workshop on Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory: Prospects and Applications Benasque (Huesca), Spain Moved to 2022
14-18 June 2021 Path Integral Quantum Mechanics: From the Basics to the Latest Developments Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
14-23 June 2021 HoW exciting! Hands-on Workshop on Excitations in Solids 2020 Riga, Latvia Moved to 2022
16-21 June 2021 Towards exascale solutions in Green function methods and advanced DFT Riga, Latvia Moved to 2022
21-23 June 2021 Excitonic and competing orders in two-dimensional materials Online Final Report
12-23 July 2021 Summer School on Quantum Monte Carlo methods for ab initio electronic simulations Online Final Report
TBC September 2021 5th Octopus Developers Workshop Jena, Germany Final Report
6-10 September 2021 The 17th ETSF Young Researchers’ Meeting Cagliari, Italy Final Report
9 September 2021 Volker Heine Young Researcher Award Symposium Online Final Report
15-22 September 2021 Digital learning for electronic structure theory Online Final Report
20-22 September 2021 CECAM/Psi-k Research Conference “New horizons in nucleation: a playground for classical and ab initio simulation methods Online Final Report
27 September – 8 October 2021 Hands-on Workshop: Density Functional Theory and Beyond – Foundations to Frontiers Berlin, Germany Event Cancelled
5-7 October 2021 Ontologies for materials-databases interoperability Linköping University Final Report
11-13 October 2021 Environ and eQE: Modelling Complex Environments in Quantum Espresso Denton, TX, USA Final Report
11-14 October 2021 GreenALM hands-on tutorial 2021 Online Final Report
11-22 October 2021 Extended Software Development Workshop: Improving bundle libraries Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
21-22 October 2021 Recent developments in quantum Monte Carlo Rome, Italy Final Report
15-19 November 2021 High-throughput workflows for materials science with the Atomic Simulation Environment and Fireworks Lyngby, Denmark Final Report
15-19 November 2021 Machine learning interatomic potentials: Young researchers’ tutorial Online Final Report
22-30 November 2021 Ethiopian School on Electronic Structure Methods and Applications for Emerging Energy Technologies Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Final Report
6-9 December 2021 Capturing Anharmonic Vibrational Motion in First-Principles Simulations Online Final Report
13-16 December 2021 Exciton Dynamics in Functional Materials: New Theoretical Frontiers Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
TBC 2021 4th Daresbury QUESTAAL School Warrington, UK Event Cancelled
TBC 2021 Hermes 2020 Summer School Windsor, UK Event Cancelled
7-11 February 2022 Joint School/Workshop on Application of Machine Learning in Electronic Structure and Molecular Dynamics Kigali, Rwanda Final Report
21-25 March 2022 Theoretical Spectroscopy Lectures Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report
22-25 August 2022 PSI-K CONFERENCE Lausanne, Switzerland Final Report

Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials