Psi-k workshops 2013

  1. Workshop on the use of the CRYSTAL code on parallel computers for ground and excited state calculations, 31 January – 01 February, London, UK
  2. Calculation of optical properties of nanostructures from first principles, 18-22 February, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  3. 6th International ABINIT developer workshop, 15-19 April, Dinard, France (Final report).
  4. Materials chemomechanics at the atomic scale: modelling and experiments, 15-18 April, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  5. Controlled atomic dynamics on solid surfaces: atom and molecular manipulation, 13-16 May, Barcelona, Spain
  6. Theoretical spectroscopy lectures, 13-17 May, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  7. Physics boat workshop 2013: characterizing nanostructures with ab initio simulations and microscopy experiments, 15-17 May, Baltic Sea (Final report).
  8. 10th ETSF young researchers’ meeting, 20-24 May, Budapest, Hungary (Final report).
  9. Theory, simulation and modelling of SiGe nanostructures: from nanoelectronics to renewable energy, 03-06 June, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  10. New trends in topological insulators, 03-06 June, Girona, Spain (Final report).
  11. Summer school on ab initio molecular dynamics for biomolecules, 09-14 June, L’Aquilla, Italy (Final report).
  12. Modeling single-molecule junctions: novel spectroscopies and control, 10-13 June, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  13. Novel 2D materials: tuning electronic properties on the atomic scale, 11-14 June, Bremen, Germany (Final report).
  14. Stabilized noble metal nanoparticles, recent advances and present challenges, 12-14 June, Espoo, Finland (Final report).
  15. Electronic properties of spin-orbit driven oxides, 16-19 June, Bad Kissingen, Germany (Final report).
  16. Electronic structure calculations with the GPAW code: Users and developers meeting, 20-22 June, Lyngby, Denmark (Final report).
  17. Computation meets experiment: KKR Greens functions for calculations of spectroscopic, transport and magnetic properties, 22-24 June, Warwick, UK (Final report).
  18. Liquid/solid interfaces: Structure and dynamics from spectroscopy and simulations, 24-26 June, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  19. Density functional theory: Learning from the past, looking to the future, 02-05 July, Berlin, Germany (Final report).
  20. Electronic structure at the cutting edge with Elk code, 08-13 July, Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  21. Theory meets experiment: Organic molecules on inorganic surfaces, 15-17 July, Lausanne, Switzerland
  22. Basic concepts and first-principles computations for surface science: applications in chemical energy conversion and storage, 21-26 July, Norderney, Germany (Final report).
  23. Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps / Quantum Monte Carlo and the CASINO program, 27 July – 11 August, Vallico Sotto, Italy (Final report).
  24. Hands-on workshop “Density-functional theory and beyond: Computational materials science for real materials”, 06-15 August, Trieste, Italy (Final report).
  25. Workshop on the full-potential linear muffin-tin orbital method and dynamical mean-field theory for correlation effects in solids, 26-30 August, Espoo, Finland (Final report).
  26. CPMD 2013: Energy, matter, life from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations, 02-06 September, Leipzig, Germany (Final report).
  27. CECAM / Psi-k research conference: multi-scale modelling from first principles 2013, Platja d’Aro, Spain, 08-13 September
  28. Psi-k/CECAM/CCP9 biennial graduate school in electronic-structure methods, 09-14 September, Oxford, UK
  29. Calculation of solid-state NMR and EPR parameters using the GIPAW Method, 16-20 September, Lausanne, Switzerland
  30. Nanophononics, 19-23 September, Bremen, Germany (Final report).
  31. 18th ETSF workshop on electronic excitations: applications to functional and energy materials, 01-04 October, Luxembourg (Final report).
  32. Functional oxides for emerging technologies, 14-18 October, Bremen, Germany
  33. Workshop “Computational exploration of atomistic structures and interrelation with physical properties” and Tutorial “hands-on-FPLO”, 04-08 November, Dresden, Germany (Final report).
  34. Computational physics and materials science: total energy and force methods, 09-11 January 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland
  35. Charge transport in organic materials, 31 March – 04 May 2014, Bremen, Germany

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