Psi-k workshops 2012

  1. Frontiers of electronic structure theory: strong correlations from first principles, 25-30 March, Berlin, Germany
  2. Psi-k/CECAM research conference, 6-10 May, Cranage Hall, UK
  3. Atomic structure of nanosystems from first-principles simulations and microscopy experiments (AS-SIMEX 2012), 15-17 May, Baltic Sea (Final report).
  4. ETSF young researchers’ meeting 2012 : Revolutions in ab initio, closing the circle between theory and experiment, 21-25 May, Brussels, Belgium (Final report).
  5. Quantum transport in molecular nanostructures, 22-25 May, Dublin, Ireland (Final report).
  6. 2nd TYC conference: charge transfer for energy applications, 6-8 June, London, UK (Final report).
  7. What about U? – Corrective approaches to DFT for strongly-correlated systems, 18-21 June, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  8. Efficient localised orbitals for large systems, strong correlations and excitations, 2-5 July, Cambridge, UK
  9. International symposium and workshop on electron correlations and materials properties of alloys and compounds, 9-13 July, Porto Heli, Greece (Final report).
  10. Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps VII / Quantum Monte Carlo and the CASINO program VII, 28 July – 12 August, Vallico Sotto, Italy (Final report).
  11. HoW exciting! Hands-on workshop on excitations in solids 2012, 2-8 August, Berlin, Germany (Final report).
  12. The 2012 CAMD summer school on electronic structure theory and materials design, 11-17 August, Lyngby, Denmark (Final report).
  13. Density functional theory and beyond with numeric atom-centered orbitals, 28-31 August, Berlin, Germany (Final report).
  14. Graphene: from band structure to many-body physics, 3-7 September, Bremen, Germany (Final report).
  15. Machine learning techniques for atomistic simulations, 10-12 September, Lugano, Switzerland (Final report).
  16. Energy from the sun: Computational chemists and physicists take up the challenge, 10-14 September, Sardinia, Italy
  17. 2012 EMRS fall meeting symposium I, 17-20 September, Warsaw, Poland (Final report).
  18. Summer school: band structure meets many-body theory, 18-22 September, Vienna, Austria (Final report).
  19. Functional molecules on surfaces: new building blocks for nano-spintronics, 2-4 October, Bonn, Germany (Final report).
  20. 17th ETSF workshop on electronic excitations: advanced Green function methods, 2-5 October, Coimbra, Portugal (Final report).
  21. Future challenges in CO2 reduction, 8-12 October, Bremen, Germany (Final report).
  22. Towards first-principles description of van der Waals Interactions in complex materials, 15-19 October, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  23. Vibrational coupling: most important, often ignored, and a challenge for ab initio theory, 6-9 November, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland (Final report).
  24. International workshop on “Computational physics and materials science: total energy and force methods”, 10-12 January 2013, Trieste, Italy (Final report).
  25. Molecular electronics: Quo vadis?, 11-15 March 2013, Bremen, Germany
  26. European workshop on hybrid nano-materials: from synthesis to applications

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Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials