Psi-k workshops 2006

  1. Water, water everywhere; nor any drop to drink, Sheffield, 4-6 January 2006 (Final report)
  2. NIC winter school 2006 “Computational nanoscience: do it yourself”, Forschungszentrum Jülich, 14-22 February 2006.
  3. Ab initio description of iron and steel (ADIS2006) status and future challenges, Ringberg Castle, Germany, 19-24 February 2006. (Final report)
  4. Data representation and code interoperability for computational materials physics and chemistry, Lyon, France, 19-21 April 2006. (Final report)
  5. International workshop on orbital and spin magnetism of actinides (IWOSMA-3), Lyon, France, 1-2 June 2006. (Final report)
  6. Mineral physics with computation and experiment, Lyon, France,19-23 June 2006. (Final report)
  7. Progress in ab initio modelling of biomolecules: methods and applications, Leiden, Netherlands, 3-7 July 2006.(Final report)
  8. Atomistic methods for materials and biological systems, Lyon, France, 10-13 July 2006. (Final report)
  9. Simulation and theory for molecular magnetism, Lyon, France, 18-21 July 2006 (Final report)
  10. Summer school on electronic structure calculations and correlated materials, Les Houches, France, 27 August – 8 September 2006. (Final report)
  11. Time-dependent density functional theory: prospects and applications, Benasque, Spain, 27 August – 11 September 2006. (Final report)
  12. Catalysis from first principles, Lyon, France, 11-14 September 2006. (Final report)
  13. Ab Initio spectroscopy of electronic excitations: a decade of applications of the Bethe-Salpeter equation., Houffalize, Belgium, 19-22 September 2006 (Final report).
  14. Multiscale modeling of cohesion and structure of extended defects in metallic materials, Wroclaw, Poland, 24-26 September 2006 (Final report).
  15. Conference on computational magnetism and spintronics, Jülich, Germany, 2-4 October 2006. (Final report)
  16. KKR-workshop: new developments, applications, and collaborations, Bristol, 20-22 October 2006. (Final report)
  17. Simulations of novel carbon materials, Lyon, France, 25-28 October 2006. (Final report)
  18. Quantum simulation of liquids and solids; CECAM, Lyon, France, 30 October – 10 November 2006 (Final report)
  19. Simulating matter at the nano-scale using density functional theory, pseudopotentials and plane waves; CECAM, Lyon, France, 13-17 November 2006 (Final report)
  20. Quantum transport and non-adiabatic electron evolution from first principles approaches; Lyon, France, 4-8 December 2006 (Final report)
  21. Uppsala graduate school on modern electronic structure theory, Uppsala University, Sweden, 11-18 December 2006.

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Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials