Psi-k workshops 2005

  1. 12th international workshop on computational condensed matter physics: Total energy and force methods, Trieste, Italy, 13-15 January 2005. (Final report, see also Newsletter 69, pp. 9)
  2. Hands-on course: KKR band structure and spectroscopy calculations, University of München, Germany, 9-11 June, 2005 (Final report, see also Newsletter 70, pp. 33)
  3. 2nd international symposium on hydrogen in matter, Uppsala, Sweden, 13-17 June, 2005. (Final report)
  4. State-of-the-art, developments and perspectives of real-space electronic structure techniques in condensed matter and molecular physics, CECAM, France, 20-24 June, 2005. (final report: see Newsletter_73, pp. 7)
  5. The European conference of magnetism ’05, Poznan,  Poland 24-27 June, 2005. (Final report, see also Newsletter 70, pp. 5)
  6. The anomalous Hall effect: Recent advances via the geometric phase approach, CECAM, France, 4-6 July, 2005. (final report: see Newsletter 71, pp. 17)
  7. 40 Years of the GW approximation for the electronic self-energy:
    achievements and challenges
    , Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany, 12-15 September 2005 (final report: see Newsletter 71, pp. 28)
  8. Ab initio simulation methods beyond density functional theory, CECAM, France, 23-25 September, 2005. (Final report)
  9. Quantum simulation of liquids and solids, CECAM, France 7-18 November, 2005. (Final report)
  10. Hands-on tutorial – course on LDA+DMFT, Hamburg, May 17-20, (final report: see Newsletter 71, pp. 9)

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Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials