Psi-k workshops 2004

  1. Progress  in ab initio computational methods for condensed matter, Gif/Yvette (Paris), January 8-10 (for final report see Newsletter 61, page 60)
  2. School on continuum quantum Monte Carlo methods, Trieste, January 12-23 (for final report see Newsletter 62, page 12)
  3. KKR-workshop: new developments, applications and collaborations, University of München, February 13-15 (for final report see Newsletter 62, page 20)
  4. Second international ABINIT developers’ workshop, Paris, May 10-12 (final report)
  5. Workshop on the electronic structure of the light actinides, Riksgränsen, Sweden, May 11-16 (for final report see Newsletter
    63, page 6)
  6. The nature of hydrogen bonding and density functional theory, CECAM Lyon, June 2-5 (for final report see Newsletter 66, page 31)
  7. Catalysis from first principles, Høsterkøb, Denmark, June 7-9, 2004 (Final report)
  8. Electronic structure simulations of nanostructures (ESSN-2004), University of Jyväskylä, June 18-21 (for final report see Newsletter 65, page 54)
  9. Electronic structure beyond density functional theory, Leiden, 12-16 July (for final report see Newsletter 65, page 7)
  10. International workshop and school on time-dependent density functional theory: prospects and applications, Benasque, August 28- September 12 (for final report see Newsletter 65, page 13)
  11. Electronic structure principles and applications (ESPA2004), Valladolid, 15-17 September (for final report see Newsletter 66, page 61)
  12. XIV workshop on computational materials science, Sardinia, 18-23 September (final report)
  13. Ab Initio methods for correlated spintronics materials, Mont St. Odile, Strasbourg, 23-26 September (for final report see Newsletter 67, page 43)
  14. Theory and modelling of electronic excitations in nanoscience (NANOEXC2004), Acquafredda di Maratea 19-23 September (final report)
  15. First-principles simulations: perspectives and challenges in mineral sciences, CECAM Lyon, September 27-October 1 (for final report see Newsletter 66, page 51)
  16. Workshop on ab initio phonon calculations, Cracow, Poland, 2.4 December 2004 (Final report)
  17. Mini-workshop on FLAPW development,  Jülich, December 10-11


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Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials