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Web/software engineer at CECAM, EPFL (No replies)

3 months ago
marzari 3 months ago

Dear Psik'ers,

this is to alert you of an opening at CECAM headquarters at EPFL for a developer of a web repository for training in simulation and modeling.

The developer will work in close collaboration with the creators of the existing platforms to further develop and integrate functionalities in a new portal which leverages the Clowder Framework (Clowder is an open source research data management system designed to support any data format and multiple research domains). The original system has been integrated, in particular, in the CECAM/E-CAM portal, with several bespoke features to facilitate upload and management of training content.

The new archive will further develop this system to

  • Improve the user interface and develop a user-friendly environment for uploading and viewing data (including video and audio recorded lectures, integrated with slides, notes, and related supporting material) which leverages the Clowder API.
  • Implement metadata control protocols.
  • Implement an effective management of tags for content.

The position is initially for 1+1 years; all details at:

Nicola Marzari

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