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4 months ago
zfliu 4 months ago

A postdoc position is available in the group of Prof. Zhenfei Liu ( at Wayne State University (Detroit, USA). This position focuses on first-principles calculations of electronic, vibrational, magnetic, and topological properties of complex materials, including but not limited to: metal-organic frameworks, quantum dots and their assemblies, rare-earth-containing compounds/materials, etc. This postdoc will work on both projects that are primarily computational and those that involve close collaborations with experimentalists. The initial term is two years and the position is renewable subject to the availability of funding and mutual agreement. Consideration of candidates will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.


Preferred qualifications:
(1) Ph.D. in chemistry, physics, materials science, or a closely related discipline;
(2) Sufficient knowledge of density functional theory and/or many-body perturbation theory (such as GW-BSE);
(3) Expertise in large-scale first-principles calculations of condensed phase systems, evidenced by peer-reviewed publications;
(4) Prior working experience in high-performance computing systems;
(5) Prior working experience in collaboration with experimentalists.


To apply, please send a CV and a brief cover letter (including a list of three references) to Prof. Zhenfei Liu via email: [email protected].

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