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4 months ago
hellgrenm 4 months ago

An 18 months postdoc position starting from spring 2021 is available in the Quantum Theory of Matter team at IMPMC (a multidisciplinary research institute for materials science, earth science and biophysics located in central Paris).

The project aims at methodological developments employing advanced approximations within DFT. Depending on the skills and interest of the candidate focus will be on the electron-phonon interaction with application to charge density wave systems and superconductivity and/or beyond-RPA methods for ground- and excited state properties of correlated materials.

We are looking for a motivated applicant who can work both independently and collaboratively. Code development (mainly within the Quantum Espresso package) will be an important part of the work.

Qualifications: PhD degree in physics with a background in solid state or chemical physics. Previous experience with electronic structure calculations and programming is required.

CV and cover letter should be sent to:
Dr. Maria Hellgren
[email protected]

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