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2 months ago
mstamatakis 2 months ago

Research Fellow in Multiscale Computational Catalysis and Materials Science - Ref: 1873010

We are looking for a creative and ambitious Post-Doctoral Fellow to join the lab of Dr Michail Stamatakis at University College London ( The main purpose of this job is method and software development aiming at upscaling Zacros ( a kinetic Monte Carlo software application for simulating reactions on catalytic surfaces. The post-holder will also contribute to the development of modules and standards for coupling this software application with lower and higher scale codes (electronic- to continuum-level).

This work is in the context of the €4M European Commission project “Software Platform for Multiscale Modelling of Reactive Materials and Processes (ReaxPro)” ( The overall project aims at upscaling academic codes for reactive process modelling into user friendly, interoperable software components, which will be integrated with commercial software into an industry-ready solution for catalytic material and process design. The ReaxPro Software Platform will be validated and made available via the European Materials Modelling Marketplace.

The post is available immediately and is funded for 1 year in the first instance, extendable pending performance review.

View this advertisement on the UCL HR website and follow the link “Apply Now” at the bottom of that page to submit your application.

Deadline for applying: 8-Dec-2020.

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