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7 months ago
suranjanshil 7 months ago

PhD in Biomedical Sciences Program at the College of Medicine & Health Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University, UAEU, AlAin, UAE.

Research Applications: drug design, mutations in DNA, and more.

Scholarship: may be available only for candidates with high academic profile.

UAEU is ranked #1 in the UAE. AlAin city is a beautiful city in the Abu Dhabi emirate in UAE. It is East of the UAE at the borders of Oman, ca. 160 km east of Abu Dhabi city (the capital), and ca 120 km south of Dubai. The “Garden City”, AlAin, is known for its greenery, oases, and low-rise architecture. AlAin has a warm winter, and relatively low humidity levels in the summer. It has big shopping malls, public transportation, very good health care system, an international airport, touristic places (AlAin Museum, Al-Muwaiji palace, Jebel Hafeet, Green Mubazzarah) and entertaining activities at AlAin club, Hazza bi Zayed Stadium, etc.

Should you be interested in this position, please email Dr. Alya Arabi at [email protected]. Kindly use “PhD Position” for the subject title. Please submit your CV as an attachment and include your answers for the below in your email.


Name of the university where you completed your Mater Studies:

Was your Master degree thesis based? Yes/No

GPA (BSc degree):

GPA (MSc Degree):

Do you have any publications? If yes, please provide the full details as follows:

Authors, Title, Journal, volume, pages (year), doi

Have you attended international conferences? If yes, please provide the link to the conference.

Have you filed and patents? Yes/No

GRE score (if GRE test was done):

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