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PhD Student - Vibrational Tuning of Molecular So ... (No replies)

10 months ago
amichalchuk 10 months ago

We have an opening for a motivated PhD student in area of vibrational tuning of molecular solids in our team at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in Berlin, Germany. Applications are welcomed until 12.06.2022 to start as soon as possible. 


The vibrational motion of atoms and molecules dictates many of the physical and chemical properties of solids, including their thermal and mechanical responses. We have recently demonstrated how material vibrations also underpin the chemistry of molecular solids exposed to dynamic mechanical stress: i.e. their mechano-chemical reactivity.[1,2] The ability to selectively tune material vibrations therefore promises a new direction for guiding both material functional properties and their chemical reactivity. This project uses ab initio simulation and aims to better understand how crystal vibrations can be tuned towards understanding and controlling mechano-chemical reactivity.

[1] Michalchuk et al (2021) J Chem Phys. 154(6), 064105; [2] Michalchuk et al (2021) Chem. Commun. 57(85), 11213

Inquiries are welcomed by email to [email protected]. Further details are available and applications can be made at


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