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1 month ago
moras 1 month ago

A PhD position is available in the Group “Modelling of Functional Nanosystems” of Prof. Michael Moseler (Institute of Physics) at the University of Freiburg, Germany.


Atomistic modelling of technical friction contacts

The prediction of friction and wear by means of theoretical models has occupied scientists for centuries. Although renowned physicists such as Coulomb and Sommerfeld have made important contributions in this field, no significant progress could be made in this area until the 20th century. It is only recently that a breakthrough has become apparent through the massive use of parallel computers, which can be attributed to the consideration of chemical complexity in realistic friction systems by means of suitable atomistic models. For the concrete application case of metal cutting, the friction behavior of dry and lubricated metal-ceramic interfaces is to be modelled in the announced doctoral thesis using the methods of atomistic computer-aided materials science.             

Your tasks

- Systematic investigation of atomic dissipation processes in tribological contacts using molecular dynamics and density functional theory

- Mathematical modeling based on the simulation results to predict the friction behavior of dry and lubricated metal-ceramic interfaces

- Conducting the research project in a project team and in close cooperation with scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Your profile

- A master’s degree in physics or related fields

- Experience in programming (e.g. Phython, C, Fortran) and Linux/Unix environments

- Ideally, previous knowledge in the field of atomistic simulations (classical molecular dynamics and/or quantum-mechanical methods)

- Great interest in scientific work and willingness to work in an interdisciplinary environment

- Creativity and commitment

- Good written and spoken English

What we offer

- An excellent scientific environment in the research group "Modelling of Functional Nanosystems" at the University of Freiburg

- A close cooperation with the group "Multiscale Modelling and Tribosimulation" at Fraunhofer IWM with the possibility of additional use of the local infrastructure

- An exciting mixture of basic research and technologically relevant applications

- Professional and personal development opportunities

- Team-oriented work in a collegial environment

- Flexible working hours and support services to reconcile family and career


For more information and details about the application procedure, please contact Prof. Michael Moseler ([email protected]).

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