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3 months ago
sushantkbehera 3 months ago

We are working in the group Density Functional Theory & Quantum Simulations Group (DFTQSG) (more info: at School of Physical Sciences, NISER Bhubaneswar. We are working on first principle density functional theory and their development with potential applications. Our primary research focus is based on formalism, exchange-Correlation functionals in three-dimensions, development of the Pseudo-potential approach for meta-GGA functionals, applying meta-GGA range-separated functionals in the time-dependent DFT, TDDFT applied to molecules and solids with meta-GGA kernels, implementation of meta-GGA range-separated hybrid functionals in the all-electron codes, development of dielectric dependent meta-GGA level range-separated hybrid functionals and study of the meta-GGA level hybrid functionals in the prediction of excited state properties. Currently, we are working with few experimental research groups as a collaborative research environment.

In this coming semester (i.e. July 2021), we are going to recruit 4 potential PhD students, where the PhD admission process can be followed as per NISER PhD admission process. Details of the admission process can be found at

We are also looking for interested and potential candidates for postdoc positions in the form of Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship (IPDF) ( and National Postdoctoral Fellowship (NPDF) (

Interested candidates for PhD admission can directly write to the mentor of the DFTQSG Group Prof. Prasanjit Samal ([email protected]) and apply through NISER PhD admission form online before May 01, 2021 (may be extended due to current pandemic situation). Check the website regularly for updates of this admission process.

For postdoc positions, interested and potential candidates should email directly to Prof. Prasanjit Samal or any of the current group members to hear more about our group and the projects we work on.


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