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3 months ago
gabor 3 months ago

There are two Granta Design University Lecturer faculty posts we are currently advertising in Mechanics and Materials Engineering here at Cambridge University. The advert is found at the following link with an application deadline of 28th February 2021:

One Lectureship is primarily in the area of data-driven methods in mechanical engineering. Applications include, but are not limited to, probabilistic methods for inverse problems, data-driven methods for structural health monitoring, and application of machine learning methods to mechanics and materials problems.

The other Lectureship is primarily an experimental position, with an emphasis on coupled phenomena in the mechanics of materials, supported as appropriate by theoretical research. This field includes the intersection of mechanics and chemistry, solid-fluid interactions and thermo-mechanics. Typical applications are energy materials (for example for the conversion and storage of energy for ‘green machines’) and additive manufacture.

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