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1 month ago
claudiolund 1 month ago
A full time, 6 years-tenure position (with the opportunity to promotion to senior lecturer) is available at the Division of Mathematial Physics, Lund University.
The research area of the position is theory of condensed matter systems, focusing on physical phenomena in and out of equilibrium. In particular, investigations of electron-electron and electron-photon interactions and coupling of electrons to bosonic excitations such as phonons and magnons will be emphasized.
A new employee will, in addition to strengthening existing activities in these areas, develop the research by contributing to and working with new theoretical tools and methods. The employee is also expected to contribute to teaching at the department, by lecturing at and being responsible for one or more courses in basic and/or postgraduate education per year.
In addition to these main tasks, the duties will consist of supervising bachelor and master thesis students as well as acting as assistant supervisor for doctoral students and support and collaboration partner for postdocs. The tasks will also consist of actively seeking external research funding, both independently and in collaboration with colleagues at the division and the department, as well as nationally and internationally.
The employment includes teaching, currently 10-30% of a full-time position, averaged over the entire period of employment. The content of the tasks, as well as the distribution and scope between research and teaching, may change.
For the complete position opening announcemen, including eligibility and assessment criteria, 
please see the job announcement at

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Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials