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The International Max Planck Research School for Ultrafast Imaging and Structural Dynamics in Hamburg, Germany, offers a structured PhD program focusing on ultra-fast phenomena, X-ray physics and dynamical imaging in all areas of science covering physics, chemistry and biology.


25 Interdisciplinary PhD positions in Ultrafast Science – IMPRS UFAST – Hamburg


 The program offers exciting research opportunities at ultra-intense electron and X-ray sources to directly observe atomic motions during primary events. The use of ultrafast imaging over the relevant length and time scales generates new levels of understanding of the interplay between structure and dynamics. Specific areas include the theoretical and experimental aspects of condensed matter and atomically resolved dynamics, fundamental light-matter interaction, accelerator-based light sources, coherent imaging, coherent controlled molecular and solid state dynamics, molecular imaging, extreme timescale spectroscopy, ultrafast optics and X-ray science, and their relevance and applications in chemistry, biology and medicine.

 We offer:

  • A range of PhD positions in these areas:
  • State-of-the-art research facilities on an extensive science campus
  • Cross-disciplinary research in a vibrant, international scientific environment
  • First class supervision and mentorship by a team of internationally renowned experts
  • Outstanding training in your scientific subject and transferable skills (in English)
  • A 3-year employment contract based on the German federal pay agreement



 We seek applicants with an excellent academic background. You hold (or are about to complete) an MSc degree or equivalent in physics, chemistry or related areas. You need to be passionate about research in ultrafast phenomena and motivated to conduct rigorous scientific work over the full degree period.



 Applications must be submitted via the online application portal: 

The application deadline is 15th November 2020. PhD projects start in summer/autumn 2021. In exceptional cases, it may possible to start on the research project earlier. For any further questions or problems regarding the application process or the online system, please contact the IMPRS UFAST coordinator on [email protected].

The International Max Planck Research School for Ultrafast Imaging & Structural Dynamics (IMPRS UFAST) is a joint venture of the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron DESY, University of Hamburg and European XFEL GmbH.                


Open positions:

  1. AC1-Light control of superconductivity in organic superconductors
  2. AC2-Nonlinear control of Josephson Plasma Waves
  3. AC3-Light-induced superconductivity in YBa2Cu3O6+x high-TC superconductors
  4. AP1-Time-resolved structural biology to study enzyme mechanism
  5. AR1-Dynamical properties of solids
  6. AR2-Dissipation and decoherence in strong light-matter coupling
  7. AR3-Dynamic controlling of topological properties via Phonon and Magnon
  8. AR4-Topology with Light
  9. AR5-Maxwell- shaping TDDFT nanoplasmonics and structured light 
  10. AR6-Cavity engineering of 2D twisted materials
  11. BK1-Femtosecond Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Metallocofactors
  12. DK1-Ultrafast X-ray tracking of solvent-mediated charge transfer and metallophilicity in polynuclear transition metal complexes
  13. FK1-Attosecond Science in the Water Window
  14. FK2-Terahertz based ultrafast, ultralow emittance electron guns
  15. GM1-Structural dynamics of multiferroics
  16. HC1-Lensless imaging using coherent electrons
  17. HC2-Compton X-ray Microscopy
  18. JK1-Laser-induced electron diffraction of chemical dynamics
  19. JK2-Recording the molecular movie of chemical dynamics through coherent x-ray diffractive imaging of fixed-in-space molecules
  20. MR1-Water at interfaces: Nuclear quantum effects in and out of equilibrium
  21. MS1-Cavity-to-Floquet crossover in quantum materials
  22. MS2-Floquet twistronics in 2D materials
  23. MS3-Ab initio dynamical correlations and their spectroscopic fingerprints in 2D quantum materials
  24. NH1-Elucidation of molecular structure, reaction dynamics and function by time-resolved X-ray and optical methods
  25. TL1-Time resolved crystallography of photoenzymes: protein-mediated catalysis at chemical resolution

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