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21 PhD scholarship at UniTN (No replies)

3 months ago
calandra 3 months ago

The PhD Programme in Physics of the University of Trento has opened the new call for applications (XXXVII cycle)deadline 24 May 2021 at 4:00 pm.

24 positions (at present 21 with scholarship) are available starting from 1st November 2021.The call is open to those who are interested to work in a dynamic environment which covers state-of-the-art topics in physics. The research topic proposals are described in the web page of the Doctoral Programme in Physics.

One particular fellowship is dedicated to superconductivity and charge density waves in 2D materials under the supervision of Matteo Calandra (fellowship B).

Interested candidates for this fellowship are encouraged to contact Matteo Calandra at the email

[email protected]

by sending a CV and a motivation letter.


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