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Igor Abrikosov
9 months ago
Igor Abrikosov 9 months ago

We invite highly motivated candidates for a postdoctoral position at Materials Modeling and Development Laboratory, NUST “MISIS”, Russia , The focus of the project is on simulations of defects and thermal transport for advanced semiconductor materials at ambient conditions, as well as at high-pressure high-temperature conditions.

The position requires a doctorate in physics, chemistry or materials science. Candidates need to have proven first-hand experience in the relevant research areas through publications in first class journals. Applicants need to demonstrate experience with theoretical methods for electronic structure and lattice dynamics calculations. Expertise with simulations of defects and thermal transport of semiconductor materials is highly desirable. Experience with molecular dynamics simulations as well as with high-throughput projects, including development of software tools for advanced materials property work-flow management, automation, and front-end database access with, e.g., Python, git, MongoDB, html/javascript is welcomed. Great emphasis will be placed on personal qualities and suitability, such as the ability to work in team, collaborate with PhD students, accuracy, flexibility and scientific productivity. You should be inventive and have an independent attitude.

Application procedure:
Applications must be submitted to Prof. Igor Abrikosov [email protected] by June 28, 2019.

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