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Joining the psi-k Working Group on high performa ... (No replies)

10 months ago
gonze 10 months ago
Dear all,
If you are active in high performance computing, development of shared libraries, and electronic structure software development, in a broad sense, please consider joining the psi-k Working Group B4. 
We are especially looking for young permanent members (permanent for less than 5 years).
The general missions of the psi-k working group members are mentioned at the end of . Specifically :
  • actively participating in the assessment and ranking of workshop proposals relevant to the working group;
  • attending the meeting which hosts the annual working group community meeting;
  • submitting workshop proposals primarily associated with the working group, with the expectation that agreeing to join the working group involves a commitment to propose at least one workshop during the lifetime of the working group (typically five years).
If interested, please send your name and affiliation, as well as a 2-3 sentences describing your motivation, to [email protected] and [email protected] .
With best wishes,
Xavier, Micael, Layla, Volker, Emilio

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