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EMMC questionnaire on Materials Modelling Softwa ... (No replies)

4 months ago
itt 4 months ago

Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite you to take part in our Questionnaire on Business Models and Sustainability for Materials Modelling Software, originating from the EMMC’s Software Focus Area.  You can learn about EMMC further below.

All of you, that are active in Materials Modelling software development and/or software/services provision and support (for business or academia), are kindly encouraged to participate.

Our aim is to investigate the usage and provision of novel software and data workflow solutions and their purpose within the industrial and academic R&D and business decision support processes.

The Questionnaire is at

  • Your responses data will be synthesised and anonymised by Alex Simperler (as Data Protection Officer).  This will allow reporting the synthesis/summary in EMMC context and beyond in due time.  For more context to your warning bells follow up the link above.
  • If you have multiple software/solution perspectives at a partner, then multiple questionnaire responses are recommended & appreciated (but if you prefer 1 response and that’s feasible, this will also be fine).
  • If you have fellow colleagues, contacts or communities you reckon may be interested to participate, then please feel free to repost or share the link above directly.

This Questionnaire should not take much of your time, from 2 mins for a quick surf up to 10 minutes of full engagement.  Your quick response will be much appreciated.  The survey deadline is Monday February 27, 2023.

Ilian Todorov

On behalf of EMMC Software Focus Area, Task Group 4.5 (Business Models and Sustainability), in which Stijn Donders, Alex Simperler and Ilian are active.

The European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) is a non-profit association (ASBL registered in Belgium) that endeavours to ensure continuity, growth and sustainability of EMMC activities for all stakeholders, including modellers, materials data scientists, software owners, translators and manufacturers in Europe.  The EMMC considers the integration of materials modelling and digitalisation critical for more agile and sustainable product development.  The EMMC considers the integration of materials modelling and digitalisation critical for more agile and sustainable product development.

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