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Damian Jones
6 years ago
Damian Jones 6 years ago

***PLEASE NOTE*** the original template for submissions contained an error! The fields to record the name and email address of the person submitting the proposal - plus the amount of funding being requested - were missed out by mistake. Please esnure you use these templates for your submissions (WORD / PDF). If You have already submitted a proposal please contact Damian Jones who will add the missing information to your proposal.

Herewith we solicit for proposals for workshops, small conferences, hands-on tutorials and summer schools in the field of electronic-structure theory and calculations to be held in 2016, to be partially funded by the Psi-k Network.

The deadline for Psi-k Proposals 2016 is Friday, October 16, 2015.

Submission of Psi-k Proposals:

There are two funding channels, the Psi-k Charity and the ESF Research Networking Programme “Advanced Concepts on Ab-initio Simulations of Materials” (Psi-k2) . The decision about funding and the source of the approved sum will be made jointly by the ESF Steering Committee and the Board of Trustees of the Psi-k Charity.

The ESF Programme will be wound down in 2016, whereafter the funding will be solely through the Psi-k Charity. There is thus some uncertainty about the available funds for 2016 and beyond.

The application should be submitted on-line using the link

A template for your proposal can be found here - Word / PDF. Applications will only be accepted if submitted using this official template.

The applications should contain the following information: proposal title, scientific summary and abstract, programme outline, CV(s) of the organiser(s) with list of relevant publications during the last five years, and provisional, list of speakers/participants.

Collaboration with CECAM:

As in past years, we encourage joint CECAM/ Psi-k Workshops as well as CECAM/Psi-k Tutorials for electronic-structure methods and applications..

Psi-k Funding Policy and Overlap between Workshops:

Many of the funded workshop proposals concentrate on the fields of the Psi-k Working Groups, which represent the core of the Psi-k activities. Each Working Group has a Coordination Committee of experienced scientists in the field, headed by the Spokesperson. The Working Groups of Psi-k, the Spokespersons and the Coordination Committee members are listed on the Psi-k Web Site ( If you want to organize a workshop in the field of one of the Working Groups, please contact the spokesperson and the committee members.

Training activities and interdisciplinary workshop activities such as Industry Workshops will not be affected by this restriction.

With best regards,

Risto Nieminen
Psi-k Chairman

Peter Dederichs
Psi-k Financial Officer

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