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3 months ago
othofmann 3 months ago

Dear Psi-k Community,

we welcome contributions to the topical session „Innovations in Machine learning PRocEsses for Surface Science (IMPRESS)” at the March Meeting of the Germany Physical Society (DPG) meeting (March 15 – 20, 2020, Dresden). The IMPRESS focus session features recent applications and developments of machine learning in surface science, including image recognition, reinforcement learning, Bayesian statistics-based analysis methods, and much more.

The confirmed invited speakers are: Maria Chan (Argonne National Labs), Sergei Kalinin (Oak Ridge National Laboratories), and Christian Wagner (FZ Jülich).

Further contributions from the community are highly welcome ( https://www.dpg-tagung.de/dd20/submission.html?language=en). Please be advised that the abstract deadline is this Sunday (December 1st).

With best regards,
Milica Todorović, Patrick Rinke, and Oliver Hofmann

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