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AiiDA Hackathon: developing code plugins and rob ... (No replies)

1 month ago
sphuber 1 month ago

The hackathon will take place from February 17 (after lunchtime) to 21 (until lunchtime) at Cineca: Via Magnanelli, 6/3, 40033 Casalecchio di Reno, Italy.
Participating AiiDA plugin developers will be shown best practices and useful tips on:

 * code development practices (automated testing, continuous integration, code style checks, packaging, distribution)
 * writing reusable, robust and modular workflows
 * taking full advantage of the AiiDA v1.0 API

In addition, during the event we will discuss and define common APIs for workflows for the computation of materials' properties.
When adopted by plugin developers, these common APIs enable AiiDA users to compute a material's property using different codes without the need to know the interface of each plugin in detail.

Target audience
Computational scientists that already actively or plan to develop/maintain one or more AiiDA plugins (registered on the AiiDA plugin registry), in order to automate calculations with AiiDA.

Being experienced with using AiiDA in general and familiar with developing calculation plugins and workflows

* Link: https://events.prace-ri.eu/event/957/overview
* Deadline: February 1st
* Policy: first come first serve

* Subscription is free
* Travel costs may be partially reimbursed for qualifying applicants whose institution cannot reimburse.
For questions contact Francisco Ramirez ([email protected]) or Sebastiaan Huber ([email protected])

Nicola Spallanzani, Giovanni Pizzi, Sebastiaan Huber, Francisco Ramirez, Miki Bonacci, Emanuele Bosoni, Vasily Tseplyaev, Fabio Affinito.

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Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials