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2018 CALL

Call for Psi-k workshop proposals for 2018

Herewith we solicit for proposals for activities in the field of electronic-structure theory and calculations to be held  between March 1, 2018  and March 1, 2019, to be partially funded by the Psi-k Network and Charity.

Submission of Proposals:

The deadline for the proposals is Friday, October 13, 2017.

The applications should be submitted on-line using the link

The types of activities that can be sponsored include workshops, small conferences, hands-on tutorials, summer schools and graduate-level university courses. The latter should be given by experienced teachers and be open to students from different universities.

The applications should contain the following information: proposal title, scientific summary and abstract, program outline in half-day units, tentative budget (including possible other sponsors, fees etc.), CV(s) of the organizer(s), a provisional list of speakers/participants. The proposal should specify the connection to Psi-k and its Working Group(s). The Psi-k Working Groups, their Spokespersons and the Coordination Committee members are listed on the Psi-k website ( For recurring events, the proposal should explain the history and evolution of the activity in question.

A template for your proposal is attached (and available at the Psi-k website Applications will only be accepted if submitted using this official template.

Word Template… Psi-k_Workshop_Proposal_2018

PDF Template… Psi-k_Workshop_Proposal_2018

The  applications will be reviewed, and the funding decisions will be made in December 2017 by the Psi-k Trustees and Scientific Advisory Board.

Collaboration with CECAM:

As in past years, we encourage applications for joint CECAM/ Psi-k Workshops as well as CECAM/Psi-k Tutorials for electronic-structure methods and applications.


The organizers of successful proposals must deliver a report of the event, and preferably provide access to the presentation materials through the Psi-k website.

With best regards,

Risto Nieminen          Peter Dederichs
Psi-k Chairman             Psi-k Financial Office


Financial Support from the Psi-k Charity
If the funding for your event is provided by the Psi-k Charity you will receive 80% of your allocated financial support before the workshop takes place and the remaining 20% after the event.

The invoice for the initial 80% of your funding can be sent at any time before the start of your event. In order to claim the 80% payment you will need to send an invoice to:

SciTech Daresbury

Electronic copies of invoices are acceptable and can be emailed to Damian Jones.

After the workshop has taken place you will need to submit the following information:

  1. A report for the Psi-k front page magazine (Instructions for posting to the front page magazine can be found here). This should include a short report, the programme, the abstracts of the presented papers, and the list of participants. You may optionally include photographs of the event. An example of what is required can be seen here.
  2. A completed finance report (templates for Excel, Word, and PDF) which should be emailed to Damian Jones.

Only upon completion of these reports will the remaining 20% of the funds be released. Once your reports have been approved you will then need to send another invoice to the address above, or by email to Damain Jones.

Questions about workshop funding from the Psi-k Charity should be addressed to Damian Jones.

Psi-k Logo for Advertising

Please feel free to download a copy of the Psi-k logo to include on workshop advertising, conference material or web sites.
[Logo designed by Michiel van Setten, UC Louvain]


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