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6 days ago
vvspeybr 6 days ago
Dear colleague,
Within the framework of a unique strategic investment of the UGent in collaborative interdisciplinary consortia (, several new professorships are available. More specifically, within the consortium Leveraging biopharmaceutical R&D at UGent, three vacancies for professorships are currently available:
  • 3 full-time posts as associate professor, full professor or senior full professor
  • Research domains: Biopharmaceuticals in the lung/gut; Biopharmaceutical Production Technology; Computational Biopharmaceutical Design
  • In the Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
For the position Professor in Computational Biopharmaceutical Design, the vacancy announcement can be found under the following link:
May I ask you to further distribute this vacancy among potential interested applicants?
With best regards,
Veronique Van Speybroeck

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