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5 months ago
Recohen 5 months ago

LMU Munich


Applications are solicited for a short term position starting as soon as possible for eight months as a postdoctoral research associate at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität under the ERC Advanced Grant ToMCaT (Theory of Earth Planetary and Core Materials). The applicant will help complete several projects including collating, analyzing computational results and preparing publications.


Minimum requirements for skills, experience and education are a Ph.D. degree, experience with first-principles methods, and expertise at using the Quantum Espresso code. Applicant must be available and have the permissions necessary to work in Germany immediately.

The candidate also should be a strong team player with good interpersonal skills, able to build and sustain effective working relationships, and attentive to details. Our research environment operates mainly in English.

Applicants should send a vita, bibliography, and 3 letters of reference to [email protected]. The application should include a statement that the applicant requires no visa to work in Germany, or already has one. The application should also state clearly what experience the applicant has with the Quantum Espresso code.

Prof. Dr. Ronald Cohen
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ludwig Maximilians Universität

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