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Georg Kresse
6 months ago
Georg Kresse 6 months ago

The VASP group at the University of Vienna seeks two scientists for the development of the software package VASP (Vienna ab-initio Simulation Package). VASP is a de facto standard for the simulation of condensed matter systems using the Schrödinger equation. A very exciting and lively working environment with many collaborative research projects involving theory as well as experimental groups is offered. The work will cover cutting edge theory developments as enumerated below, optimization of the existing codes for latest high performance computer architectures (e.g. Intel  Xeon, Nvidia GPU), evaluation and co-development of workflow tools (ASE, AiiDA, pymatgen, etc.), as well as VASP software maintenance.
We seek candidates holding a PhD in physics or chemistry and an excellent record in any area of computational theoretical solid state physics or chemistry. The areas of expertise can include - but are not restricted to - density functional theory, many-body Green’s function techniques, quantum field theoretical methods, quantum chemistry methods, or modelling of condensed matter systems. Candidates with proven expertise in developing new computational methods and adopting them to high performance computers will be given preference. Prior knowledge of VASP is of advantage but not strictly required.

All applications shall include i) CV including full academic record, ii) list of publications and talks including three reprints representative of previous research, iii) two letters of recommendation, iv) expression of interest concerning research area(s) (one page). Applications need to be sent to [email protected] (topic: Scientific software developer for VASP). Selection of candidates will start immediately and continue until the positions are filled. The contract will be for one year initially, with the possibility for a permanent contract after positive evaluation.

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