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5 months ago
amavrant 5 months ago

The Electrochemical Processes Unit at the IMDEA Energy institute (Madrid, Spain) is searching for a possible postdoctoral researcher.
The postdoctoral researcher will perform high-throughput calculations for modeling electrochemical properties.

The candidate should have a recent PhD in Computational Chemistry or Chemical Engineering and be familiar with DFT/WFT methods and their applications.

The candidate must fulfill some specific criteria:

  1. must be registered in the Community of Madrid, 
  2. must be Under 30 years old,
  3. must be registered "Fichero de Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil",
  4. must hold a PhD degree from a Spanish institution or a PhD degree that has been convalidated by the Spanish ministry of education. 

Interested candidates, which fulfill the above criteria, should contact: [email protected] 

Deadline is Friday June 22nd .


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