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Damian Jones
5 months ago
Damian Jones 5 months ago

Location: Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Cleveland, Ohio and Imperial College London, UK
Salary: USD $47,476 for newly minted PhDs but subject to negotiation for more experienced applicants.
Hours: Full time
Contract Type: Annual with expectation of renewal yearly for a maximum of 3 years.
Closing Date for applications: 30 June 2018
Start Date: The post is available immediately.

This is a joint research project funded by the ONR between the experimental groups of Prof. Arthur Heuer at CWRU and Dr. Farrel Martin at the Naval Research Lab. (NRL) and the theory group of Prof. Mike Finnis at Imperial College. The aim is to understand fundamentally how oxides grow on Fe-base and Ni-base surfaces, and the dramatic slowing of the growth rate and improvements in the stability of the oxide films that can be achieved by small additions of the elements Zr, Y or Hf.

The very first job will be to simulate the basic processes of diffusion at a grain boundary in alumina (Al2O3), about which there has been much experimental interest but little theoretical understanding to date. We have constructed atomistic models of two such grain boundaries. Background references are listed below.

The successful candidate forthis post will have completed a PhD and have a strong background in computational physics, chemistry or materials science. They should have a detailed knowledge and experience of doing classical molecular dynamics simulations and density functional calculations of electronic structure, and be able to organise data and run codes on high-performance computers. They should be able to write and present their work clearly in English.

The PDRA will be formally appointed to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at CWRU, in the group of Professor Arthur Heuer, from where salary, travelling and other expenses associated with the job will be paid. However, it is envisaged that most of the PDRA’s time will be spent in the group of Professor Mike Finnis at Imperial College, with occasional stays at CWRU and/or NRL to liaise with the concurrent experimental activities.

Your application, referring to evidence of the above qualifications, should include a statement of your interest in the post together with a CV and the names of two referees. It should be send to [email protected], copied to [email protected] and with the subject line “CWRU-Imperial postdoc application”.

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