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3 months ago
nfchilton 3 months ago

Applications are invited for a PDRA position in the Chilton Group at The University of Manchester. The position is funded by the European Research Council, starting immediately for 3 years (extension up to 5 years may be available).

This position is part of the “ContraVib: Chemical Control of Vibronic Coupling for Magnetic Materials” project, that seeks to use high quality physical measurements and state-of-the-art theoretical techniques to develop guidelines for the chemical control of vibronic coupling. The successful candidate will join the multidisciplinary Chilton group in the Department of Chemistry at The University of Manchester, working in close collaboration with the Manchester Open Quantum Systems group led by Dr Ahsan Nazir in the Department of Physics, and tackle the elementary questions of: how can molecular vibronic coupling be controlled and how can it be exploited?

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Please submit a cover letter and CV with your application. The cover letter should describe your research interests and motivation for the proposed project in a short paragraph, and complement your CV to illustrate how you meet the essential and desirable criteria for the post.

Please contact Dr Nicholas Chilton for further details: [email protected]

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