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Adam Foster
6 months ago
Adam Foster 6 months ago

In the framework of the CHAMAN project, founded by the French National Agency (, we are seeking a candidate for a 2-year post-doctoral position in the GNS group at CEMES (Toulouse, France, The candidate shall work in theory on the interpretation of nc-AFM and KPFM experiments on metallic nanoparticles (NPs) or islands. Such NPs are grown on metal supported thin insulating films. In particular, the charging of NPs via the AFM tip and possible discharging phenomena between NPs and the support are of particular interest, particularly in the context of nanocatalysis and molecular electronics.

The two main goals of the project are (1) to reach a better understanding of the charging properties and mechanisms of NPs and (2) to use this knowledge for the characterization of electrical properties of the insulating films and defects underneath the NPs.

A good knowledge of solid state physics and DFT methods is mandatory. The candidate will work in Toulouse, in close proximity to the experiments, but also in close collaboration with the group of Adam Foster (Aalto, Finland and the group of Clemens Barth (, Marseille, France).

The fellowship is awarded for a period of two years with an average income of 2000 €/month or more depending on the experience of the candidate. The starting date of the 4-year project is January 1st, 2018. Applicants must hold a PhD in physics or closely related subject. Recommendation letters are welcome.

Applications should be sent to: David Martrou: [email protected] and Adam Foster [email protected]

Deadline for applications is 31st October.



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