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3 years ago
Alfredo 3 years ago

A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the Quantum Simulations Group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) ( The successful candidate will work with Dr. Alfredo Correa and a multi-laboratory team on the applications of first‐principles adiabatic and non‐adiabatic molecular dynamics to metals and alloys. We are seeking a qualified individual who has experience in the area of molecular dynamics under empirical force-fields and/or from first‐principles, theory of alloys and/or electronic structure theory. The focus of this research project will be to address problems related to energy dissipation, transport and temperature equilibration in materials under irradiation, non local-thermodynamic-equilibrium effects (different electron and ion temperatures) and quantum-classical coupling. Postdoctoral candidates should have earned a Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science or related disciplines. Experience with electronic structure and first‐principles calculations (e.g. DFT, TDDFT) is desirable and experience in molecular dynamics simulations is a must.

Interested candidates should send their curriculum vitae and a list of references to Dr. Alfredo Correa ([email protected]) with the word "[postdoc]" in the email title.

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