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Postdoc position in QMC at Tampere, Finland (No replies)

1 year ago
Tapio.Rantala 1 year ago

Postdoc position in development of electronic structure calculation methods, preferably quantum Monte Carlo.  The project is flexible, the actual research topics can be fitted to the interests of the applicant.

Some criteria for a successful candidate: 
- holds a doctoral degree (the dissertation must be submitted and proof must be available by 1 March 2017)
- has completed his/her doctoral degree no longer than 4 years prior to the deadline (degree certificate issued after 22 Jan 2013, except for applicants with children, when 1 year per child will be added)
- has significant international research experience during recent years

The position is filled from the beginning of March 2017 or as soon as possible. The duration of the contract will be two years.

The call closes on 22 January.

For more details see:

I am happy to give more information and discuss the possible research topics

Tapio Rantala, professor         eMail: [email protected]
Department of Physics              Tel: +358-40-543-3506
Tampere University of Technology   URL:
P.O.Box 692, FI-33101 Tampere 


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