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5 months ago
aesteve 5 months ago

We are seeking a strongly motivated post-doctoral researcher to take in charge DFT-based Modelling studies dedicated to several application of interest in our team. Overall, the contribution will focus on the identification of complex chemical mechanisms in metal oxide surfaces and their interfaces. Applications include energetic materials, photocatalysis for hydrogen production and supercapacitors. Position is in Toulouse, under the supervision of A. Estève and C. Rossi. The fellowship, funded by the IDEX – University of Toulouse can provide the position at any time for a 12 (+12) months duration.

The post-doc researcher will work within a highly multi-disciplinary team (theorists, chemists, physicists and technologists) with concern on the development of multifunctional & performance-tailored nanomaterials for energy.

The applicant will have a pivotal role in the project by bringing fundamental aspects of chemical processes at metal-oxide surfaces (mostly ZnO, RuO2) and their interfaces with metal and organics. The applicant will work in close collaboration with experimentalists located in Toulouse (LCC, CIRIMAT, CEMES) and at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Among specific aspects of interest: reaction mechanisms, i.e. atomic or molecular (organic, bio, inorganic) interactions with surfaces, solvent issues, cooperative effects, electrochemical processes, role of defects are to be investigated in close relation with experimental developments.  

Required Education and Experience - A recent PhD degree (within last three years) in Materials Science, noticeably Chemistry or related disciplines is required. We seek for a strongly motivated student with background in computational materials sciences, particularly in atomic scale modelling; skills in manipulating Density Functional Theory codes (both periodic or cluster packages) is mandatory. The applicant should send a detailed CV, including a list of publications and communications and a motivation letter to [email protected].

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