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5 months ago
kvogiatz 5 months ago
One postdoc position in theoretical/computational chemistry is available in the Department of Chemistry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA, in the research group of Dr. Konstantinos D. Vogiatzis.

The research project involves the development and testing of new strongly correlated electronic structure methods for solving problems relevant to transition metal chemistry, spectroscopy, catalysis, and molecular magnetism. The successful candidate will be expected to: develop and implement new quantum chemistry methods, use both standard and non-standard computational chemistry programs, write journal articles and attend research conferences to communicate results, and mentor graduate students.

The anticipated starting date is between August 1 and September 30, 2018. Preference will be given to individuals with a demonstrated background in quantum chemistry method and program development, as well as individuals who have experience with multi-reference ab-initio calculations. A PhD in Chemistry, Physics, or related field by the start date of this position is required.

The University of Tennessee offers a stimulating environment for the training of the next generation of scientists and benefits from world-class facilities available at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Knoxville is a lively city located in east Tennessee, only 30 miles away from the scenic Smoky Mountains National Park, and around 200 miles from Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA.
If you wish to apply for the available position please email your resume / CV and a cover letter stating your qualifications and research interests to: [email protected]

More details about our research program and related information are available at:


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