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5 months ago
m.molinari 5 months ago

Modelling the Radiolytic Corrosion of Nuclear Fuel

Nuclear energy plays an important role in providing clean sustainable energy, mitigating the risk of climate change. Despite safety concerns, growing consensus sees the long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel in deep-underground repositories.

Dissociation of water, caused by nuclear radiation, occurs when groundwater interacts with nuclear fuel. This produces reactive oxygen species that cause oxidation of the fuel, and the release of soluble species and radionuclides into the environment, posing a threat to the ecosystem.

The project’s vision seeks the development of models for the radiolytic corrosion of spent fuel using computer modelling, to reliably describe and predict the structure and reactivity of actinide materials in contact with water. This will therefore improve our ability to predict the long-term behaviour of spent fuel.


Funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Doctoral Training Partnership with the University of Huddersfield. Fully funded PhD including tax-free stipend starting from ÂŁ14,777 for the duration of 3 years. All tuition fees paid for the 3 year period.

Deadline for application: 30 June 2018

Start Date: October 2018


Project 1 – Link:

If you wish to discuss any details of the project, please contact Dr Marco Molinari – [email protected]


Application Details

Completed applications, including all relevant documents requested above should be submitted via-email to [email protected]

1) Complete the Studentship Application Form

2) Provide a current detailed CV, identifying any research employment or experience and, where applicable, details of research conference presentations or publications.

3) Provide copies of transcripts and certificates of all relevant academic and/or any professional qualifications.

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