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3 months ago
jagoda 3 months ago

The Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen offers 9 full scholarships for PhD projects within the following research themes:

[1]    Green chemistry & sustainable materials, with strong links to innovative polymer research.

[2]    Physics of Life, in particular physics of cancer and microscopy, spectroscopy and modeling work from the single-molecule to single-cell scale.

[3]    Energy materials, now in particular active with research on solar cells with novel materials, battery research and thermo-electrics research.

[4]    Materials for health, with links to structural biology, novel adhesives and anti-microbial materials.

[5]    Emergent electromagnetic and optical functionalities, now mainly active with studies on stacks of 2D materials, skyrmions, and spintronics in new material systems.

[6]    Out of equilibrium chemical systems, with a link to studies of the fundamental principles of life.

[7]    Cognitive Systems & Materials, in particular the CogniGron research program.

More information can be found in the attachment and on the following webpage:

The candidates are required to complete the Master’s degree before September 1st 2020. The deadline for pre-proposals is on April 1st 2020!!

The candidates interested in a more narrow topic of

Computational spintronics in van der Waals heterostructures

should contact Dr. Jagoda Sławińska ([email protected]) for further details and discussion. The candidates willing to work on different topics and/or with different supervisors are asked to follow the instructions on the webpage.  


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