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PhD Positions in Atomic Scale Simulation at EPFL ... (No replies)

3 years ago
pasquarello 3 years ago

See webpage: here

PhD Positions in Atomic Scale Simulation at EPFL (Lausanne)

(date of announcement: 11/02/2016)

There are currently PhD positions available for talented and motivated individuals in computational condensed matter physics within the Chair of Atomic-Scale Simulation at EPFL in Lausanne. The positions are available immediately. One of the PhD positions is associated to the national project Materials Revolution: Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials. Pursued research themes focus on defects, semiconductor-oxide interfaces, semiconductor-liquid interfaces, photocatalytic water splitting, and materials design optimization. The positions involve advanced electronic structure calculations at the GW level. Other methods involved are hybrid functionals and ab initio molecular dynamics simulations. The EPFL in Lausanne benefits from outstanding computational facilities.

The PhD candidate should hold a universitary degree in physics or physical chemistry (or equivalent), with a very strong background in quantum mechanics and previous experience in FORTRAN programming. The candidate will have teaching duties and shall prepare a doctoral thesis at EPFL. The hiring of the candidate is subject to admission to the doctoral programme in physics at EPFL. The interested PhD candidate should send (in PDF-format) their

  1. curriculum vitae (including nationality, date of birth, civil state, and achieved degrees),
  2. publication list, and
  3. the list of passed examinations and relative marks.

The interested PhD candidate should also express his/her motivation in a cover letter, including the prospected date of availability, and arrange confidential letters of recommendation to be sent to Alfredo Pasquarello by email (Alfredo.Pasquarello @ Only complete applications will be processed. The selection process will continue until suitable candidates are found.

Alfredo Pasquarello

Chair of Atomic Scale Simulation
Station 3 / PH H2 467
CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. : +41 21 693 44 16
Fax : +41 21 693 54 19

E-mail : Alfredo.Pasquarello @

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