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PhD position at King's College London (No replies)

7 months ago
e.v.kozik 7 months ago

Applications are open for a PhD studentship in Condensed Matter Theory to work on the project “Precision Many-Body Physics” in the group of Dr. Evgeny Kozik at King’s College London.

We are looking for candidates with interest and solid background in field-theoretical approaches for many-body systems, such as Green’s function methods and Feynman diagrams, as well as strong computer programming skills. The project will be focused on development of state-of-the-art methods for accurate description of many-electron systems and their application to longstanding problems of high-temperature and unconventional superconductivity, quantum magnetism, and other prominent effects of strong electron correlations. The work will involve both analytic derivations and advanced code development.

The successful candidate will be a part of the international Simons Collaboration on the Many-Electron Problem ( ) with access to world-class schools and major scientific events.

Full funding is available for UK / EU candidates. Applicants from other countries can apply, but would need to cover international student fees from other sources.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

Start date: September 2018.

For full information on how to apply .

For informal enquiries, please contact Dr. Evgeny Kozik, [email protected] .



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