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PhD Position at Jacobs University Bremen (No replies)

1 year ago
ukleinekat 1 year ago

PhD position (3/4 TvöD-E13) in Simulation of Artificial Light Harvesting Systems at Jacobs University Bremen

The study of artificial light harvesting systems and the corresponding excitation energy/charge transfer is at the focus of this PhD project. In a combination of molecular dynamics simulations, electronic structure calculations and quantum dynamics the initial steps of harvesting light for pigment molecules at surfaces will be studied. The project is within the Research Training Group "Quantum Mechanical Materials Modelling" (

Further information such as recent publications in the field of (biological) light harvesting can be found at

The successful candidate should have a Master of Science with a background in physics or chemistry with a strong academic record. Applicants must be highly motivated for doctoral studies, possess the ability to work independently as well as possessing good levels of cooperative and communicative abilities. A good command of English is essential, both as the local working language and because of our international collaborations.

Please send a CV, a research statement, and two reference letters to
[email protected]

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