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6 months ago
RDeRenzi 6 months ago

PhD in Physics at the University of Parma. Requirement:  Master in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Engineering by 31 October 2018, with interest in condensed matter physics. Start: 1st November 2018.

Muon spin spectroscopy (MuSR) is a powerful experimental technique. The spin evolution of implanted muons is measured to investigate static and dynamic magnetic properties of materials.   We apply MuSR. to functional magnetic materials, superconductors, molecular nanomagnets.

Recently DFT and other ab-initio calculations have been developed to assist data analysis, enhancing greatly the quantitative interpretation of the experiment.

The PhD student will participate in experiments at large scale facilities and in the EU funded effort to develop and employ effective DFT calculations supporting MuSR.

Interested candidates should contact Prof. Roberto De Renzi ([email protected]) before the end of June, attaching a CV.

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