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Opening for CIFRE PhD at CEA Arpajon and STMicro ... (No replies)

6 months ago
denis.rideau 6 months ago


Atomic scale investigation of defects in semiconductor : Coupling advanced characterizations, theoretical calculations and kinetic Monte Carlo methodology

Requirement:  Master in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science,

Start: end 2018.

The student will simulate process and investigate the associated atomic scale mechanisms using the most advanced modeling tools (coupling ab initio calculations, Molecular Dynamics and kinetic Activation Relaxation Technique).

The main objective of this PhD will be to get an atomistic picture of the defects in semiconductors as can be formed under process (implant, oxidation, epitaxy) and to provide a predictive atomic scale understanding linking design and performances.

 All along his PhD, the student will benefit from the experimental resources available at STMicroelectronics, Crolles, but also the theoretical expertise from CEA-LAAS in order to match experiment and theory together.

 The PhD will be work within a CEA-LAAS collaboration in order to benefit from large computational resources and share the expertise in abinitio simulation. The Student will spend most of his time at CEA, Arpajon

Interested candidates should contact Denis Rideau ([email protected])  and Nicolas Richard ([email protected]), attaching a CV.

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